How to Compute File Hash with Message Digest Algorithm MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, SHA3-256, SHA3-512, BLAKE2

Single File

Family Algorithm Linux Console OpenSSL Windows Console Windows PowerShell
MD5 MD5 md5sum fileopenssl md5 filecertutil.exe -hashfile file MD5 Get-FileHash file -Algorithm MD5
SHA-1 SHA1 sha1sum fileopenssl sha1 filecertutil.exe -hashfile file SHA1 Get-FileHash file -Algorithm SHA1
SHA-2 SHA256 sha256sum fileopenssl sha256 filecertutil.exe -hashfile file SHA256Get-FileHash file -Algorithm SHA256
SHA512 sha512sum fileopenssl sha512 filecertutil.exe -hashfile file SHA512Get-FileHash file -Algorithm SHA512
SHA-3 SHA3-256 - openssl sha3-256 file- -
SHA3-512 - openssl sha3-512 file- -
BLAKE2BLAKE2S256- openssl blake2s256 file- -
BLAKE2B512b2sum fileopenssl blake2b512 file- -

Files Inside a Directory

Linux Console:

find path -type f | xargs md5sum find path -type f | xargs sha1sum find path -type f | xargs sha256sum ...

Windows PowerShell:

ls path -Recurse | Get-FileHash -Algorithm MD5 ls path -Recurse | Get-FileHash -Algorithm SHA1 ls path -Recurse | Get-FileHash -Algorithm SHA256 ...

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